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How to write...

Always check first if you're not sure:

Grammar mistakes ever made by Callie:

  • "denoted by" or "denoted as"?

    • 67,800 results​ of "denoted by" against 18,300 results of "denoted as" in Google Scholar. 

    • "This parameter is denoted by P", or "Let P denote this parameter".

  • "a, b and c" or "a, b, and c"?​​​ [ref1] [ref2]

    • 1) The 3000$ will be split between you, Callie and Pan.

    • 2) The 3000$ will be split between you, Callie, and Pan.

    • How much money will you get? 

  • "which" or "that"? [ref]

    • In a defining clause, use "that"; in non-defining clauses, use "which". 

    • Remember, "which" is as disposable as a sandwich bag. If you can remove the clause without destroying the meaning of the sentence, the clause is nonessential and you can use "which".

  • "a same" or "the same"? [ref]

    • You and I have the same problem: bad English writing.

    • You and I have a common problem: bad English writing.

  • "as follows" is the only correct phrase [ref]

    • “As follows" is always the correct form, even for an enumeration of many things. The expression is elliptical for "as it follows—not "as they follow".

    • These are incorrect (which were mistakenly used by Callie): as following, as the following, etc.

  • "thus" is an adverb, not a conjunction

    • × Wrong:  No one showed up, thus the class was canceled.​ (Interestingly, this wrong example is found on a dictionary website [ref]...)

    • √ Right: No one showed up and thus the class was canceled.

    • Also pay attention to other adverbs! 

  • "independent of" or "independent from" [ref]

    • X is independent of​ y.

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